Omigod, you guys. The Home Run Derby was amazing.
And not just because Josh Hamilton hit a crazy amount of home runs. It
was amazing because it was the largest gathering of attractive men I’ve
seen in a long, long time. Utley (my favorite All-Star) was present, of course, which was enough to make Yankee Stadium totally en fuego.
And then there was Dan Uggla, who has always seemed somewhat attractive
(except when he’s hitting homers against the Phillies)…and then a
whole bunch of guys that I’d barely heard of and had never seen
before tonight. Evan Longoria? Josh Hamilton? Justin Morneau? Being a
fantasy baseball team manager, I’d heard of these guys to some degree
(however, I know a lot more about National League teams than American
League teams, so I was slightly clueless about these guys). The thing
is, I had no idea these guys are hot. Especially
that Hamilton guy (a baseball player who is kind of a former badass,
whose arms are all tattooed up like he’s a rock star? Quick, I need a
cold shower…).

Despite the fact that my boy Utley only hit five home runs, I’m still proud of him. And I’m even prouder
of Utley for his response when people (probably a bunch of silly Mets
fans) booed him, even though I’m pretty damn sure he didn’t mean to be
heard on national TV when he said it…
Click here to check out Utley talkin’ dirty!

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