Twins fans–I get it. You’re passionate about your team. Hell, I am,
too–at least when it comes to super-hot Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau.
And it’s quite considerate of you (in a strange way) to
chuck stuff onto the field in an odd display of support for your team.
It’s kind of bizarre to me–after all, when we Philly fans are pissed
off, all we do is boo. We don’t throw stuff; we’re too busy booing and
swearing. Plus, our seventh innings just involve stretches, not
projectile-throwing. But as odd as this behavior seems to me, I do have
to commend you for at least not hitting any attractive players on the
head with projectiles. Because if the headline of this Yahoo article
had read “Mauer knocked out by flying Coke bottle” or “Morneau gets
black eye from airborne bag of peanuts,” I’d have been pissed, you
guys–really pissed. Good aim, Twins fans–good aim.

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