have never been to Minnesota. The closest I’ve ever been in proximity
to Minnesota was Chicago. I know next to nothing about Minnesota. So I
probably shouldn’t give a damn about the Twins, yet I’m rooting
hardcore for them to make it into the playoffs this year.

The Twins have been through a lot this year (namely: bye-bye Hunter, bye-bye Santana…and as a Phillies fan, do I ever wish
the Twins had kept Santana and not shipped him off to the Mets). I
think perhaps people started to not take the Twins seriously as playoff
contenders. But…they’ve got Morneau (swoon), who you may recall
won this year’s Home Run Derby (even though a certain gorgeous Mr. Hamilton hit more home runs than Morneau did, but whatever). They’ve got Mauer (swoon again), who is hoping to lock up his second batting title.
And right now the Twins are 1/2 game ahead in the race for the AL
Central Division Champs title, just ahead of the White Sox.
It all comes down to today (and, potentially, tomorrow) as to who wins this race.

work, we get into lots of discussions about baseball teams, and last
week I got a lot of shocked looks when I proudly proclaimed that I
hoped to see the Twins in the playoffs. I was like, “What? They’re
hot!,” to which one of my co-workers replied, “You are the worst
baseball fan
you know that?”, which made me laugh uproariously. But there’s
certainly something to be said for having eye candy in the
playoffs–right, ladies? And if that eye candy just happens to have a
lot of talent, too, so much the better, right? 😉

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