the long faces, guys? It looks like someone ran over your pet
puppy-dogs. You actually look like you’re mourning something.

Oh, right. You’re mourning the loss of yet another playoff opportunity. You’re sad because again, your playoff hopes hinged on the last game of the season, which you blew.
You’re pissy because your rivals, the Philadelphia Phillies, were right
(again!) in saying that they’re the team to beat this year.

pissed that even the mighty Santana couldn’t get you to the playoffs.
And that your bullpen blows. And that Wagner needs surgery. Those are
all valid reasons to be aggravated.

valid is the point that you guys will be sitting at home sullenly
watching your televisions as the Phillies take on the Brewers on
Wednesday night. (You’ll probably be rooting hardcore for the Brewers
and chucking empty beer cans at the TV every time J-Roll or Ryan Howard
comes up to bat. I understand–you’re bitter.)

S’OK, Mets. Maybe next year, right *snicker*? But hopefully–and probably–not!

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