So last night’s game was a real nail-biter.  We were up, and then we were tied, and we were also the victim of a few bad calls, and not long before the game ended, I started feeling like this game was never gonna end (at this point, it was quarter to two in the morning).  It was 4-4 and we were entering the bottom of the ninth, Phils up to bat, and I started fearing that this game was gonna take foreeeeeever, like this year’s All-Star Game did.  Luckily, a few minutes after I’d had that thought, the Phillies had won it 5-4 (thanks to some wild throwing, some intentional base-loading, and a screwy infield configuration, in combination with a walk-off infield hit by Carlos Ruiz), bringing them to a 2-1 lead in the World Series so far.  I was glad to see that in this game, the National League team fared better than they did in the All-Star Game, although I swear the games were of a similar looooong length.  (Perhaps the Phillies game felt longer because it got started late due to rain delays?  Dunno.)

Moyer did a fantastic job pitching last night, giving us 6 and 1/3 innings of solid pitching.  No Lights-Out Lidge last night, because we were tied 4-4 in the top of the 9th–but JC Romero did an excellent job keeping the Rays at bay (ha!).  Ruiz, Utley, and Howard each hit hot home runs, the Phillies didn’t strand as many guys on base tonight as they have been, the crowd’s chants of “Eva!!!” (at Evan Longoria) and “Carla!!!” (at Carl Crawford) were amusing, you couldn’t hear any freakin’ cowbell noises, and it was an exciting game down to the very last moment.  It was great to see the Phillies playing like, well, a team that deserves to be in the World Series–offensively, they fared better tonight than they have been, and they managed to overcome a team of Rays that just would not quit.  Want more details on last night’s game?  Check out the live blog–it’s always good, snarky, sporty fun!

By the way, I’ve got a new lucky charm besides the red underwear.  It’s my lucky Phillies socks!  Last night I wore my “I (heart) Utley” socks for the first time ever, and the Phillies won.  While the game was tied, I’d declared I was gonna wear these socks for every Phillies World Series game if they won game 3, so…as I write this, my toesies are wrapped snugly in I (heart) Utley goodness.  Let’s hope this new lucky charm helps to do the trick for us tonight…

Oh, and what’s this?  Is this a FAIL…?

phils fail.JPG

First of all, the guy in the Phillies hat is JC Romero.  I don’t know who the dude in the Tampa Bay hat is, but I do know it isn’t Andy Sonnanstine.  Not only are the pictures switched, but the picture captions are all wrong, too!  Yes, game 4’s starters are Blanton and Sonnanstine, but neither of them are pictured here–and the Blanton label’s under the picture of the unknown Ray and the Sonnanstine label’s under the picture of reliever Romero.  WTF, MLB?  WTF?

No more FAILs for tonight, though–at least not for OUR boys!  Game 4 starts in minutes.  I’m gonna go watch.  Hopefully at the end of tonight we’ll have a 3-1 lead in this Series…  Let’s go, Phillies!

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