Superb pitching and a home run by pitcher Joe Blanton?  The Phillies’ first run walked in?  Ryan Howard–two homers, a bunch of RBIs?  A homer for Jayson Werth?  Runs spread out over quite a few innings instead of just 1 or 2?  A 10-2 win over the Rays?  Baseball magic is in the air at Citizens Bank Park!  (The sight of Blanton chugging around those bases–proof that anything can happen in October baseball!)

The Rays’ pitcher, Andy Sonnanstine, proved to not be too much of a threat to the hot-hitting Phillies tonight.  Plus the Rays weren’t particularly up to par defensively (their second baseman had a couple errors, and Eva–oh, yes, you read that right–fumbled a ball as well).  Offensively, they simply weren’t hot.  They weren’t hitting too well off Blanton or, later in the game, Madson or Romero. 

Later tonight, King Cole Hamels takes the mound, and I hope he does as well tonight as he has in all his other postseason starts.  I hope the Rays are nervous and off their game.  I hope they can’t hit off Hamels and that we can hit off Kazmir.   I hope that later tonight, Phillies fans will celebrate like it’s 1980.  I don’t want to see this series go back to Tampa Bay.  I want good things to happen here at home.  And since I’m a superstitious, lucky sock-wearing, lucky underwear-wearing Phillies fan, that’s all I’m gonna say about that.  The Phillies are 1 game away from a World Series championship.  This feel so surreal.

All I have to say for now is, “Let’s go, Phillies!”  Hopefully I’ll have more to say, and shriek/scream/squeal about, in less than 24 hours!


  1. reedsmom

    Good Luck! As Cole is pitching, I’ll be watching. Werth’s hair sure looked pretty while “touching them all” after his blast. Again, good luck – a win tonight would mean no more cowbells!

    • The BILF Reporter

      Thanks! Sigh. This game tonight was not pretty. Let’s hope the Phils fare better tomorrow night. (Not only does this rain make playing the game much more complicated, but it makes the players’ hair less pretty! Double sigh.) I don’t wanna have the Rays win and then take this series back to Cowbell-Land…

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