For those of you planning on watching game 5, the first-ever game to get suspended during a World Series, tonight–you’ll have to wait, ’cause it’s not happening yet!  There’s still icky weather in Philly, and so game 5 will happen Wednesday, 10/29, at 8:37 PM at the earliest.  Let’s hope the weather clears up by then, right?

Get answers to all the questions you might have about how the weather/schedule snafu affects the rest of the games in the series (if they’re necessary), how it could affect pitching rotations, the rules behind the suspensions, etc, by clicking here.

Can Hamels still get a win in game 5?  Find out here.

So where’d the Rays stay during a rainy Monday night in Philly?  Uh…Delaware.  Yes, seriously.  Delaware.

What are other bloggers saying about this crazy series?  Find out here.

And finally, for your entertainment…guess who’s got rain in their brains and can’t spell?  That’s right, MLB, I’m lookin’ at you!


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  1. reedsmom

    It’s all very complicated! Maybe baseball should consider doing what football does and just hold the World Series in a city of choice. Of course, there’s no home field advantage that way and the fans would be screwed (unless the city happened to be close by). They could just plan on holding the World Series here in sunny California – it almost never rains! Of course, if I wasn’t so fond of your writings, I might even say, “If the Dodgers had made the series…” Just kidding! It would be great if Hamels could finish what he started, but that doesn’t seem likely unless it just keeps on raining. Cole still looks hot even in rainy 40 degree weather!

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