Okay, there’s been a lot of talk about the umps making screwy calls in this World Series (and boy, have they ever made some screwy calls–just ask Jamie Moyer).  But seriously.  It was pouring at Citizens Bank Park tonight.  And they waited until the middle of the sixth inning to delay the game.  It wasn’t really raining much harder then than it was in, say, the bottom of the fifth inning, at which point both teams had had equal opportunities to bat, and the Phillies were in the lead.  Nope–they called it after the Rays tied it up, 2-2.  Hamels pitched spectacularly, but fielding was quite difficult tonight with the wind and the rain, and due to the elements (and, I suppose, a little bit of the Rays’ talent), Upton got on base and Pena got a hit to send him home.  Unbe-freakin’-lievable.  And not in a good way.  For the first time ever in a World Series, they’ve had to suspend the game.  As a result of all of this screwiness, the game will take place at 8 PM Tuesday in Philly, where the weather isn’t supposed to be much better than it was tonight.  Looks like it’ll be a battle of the bullpens at this point.  And both teams have good bullpens, so it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.  The Rays just got a little momentum back–will they come out on top?  Or will the Phillies, who have not yet lost a postseason game played at home, be so ticked about how tonight’s 6 innings went that they’ll come after the Rays with a vengeance and take the title at home?

Obviously, I’m hoping for the latter.  But I’ve gotta wait another 20 hours or so to find out.  Sigh.


  1. mentionthebisque

    Calling a game isn’t all about the amount of rain; it also has to do with the sogginess of the field. They can put the tarp on the infield and use drying agent, but they can’t do much about the outfield grass. So that’s probably why they waited as long as they did to call it. *fingers crossed* for tonight!

    • The BILF Reporter

      I think another reason they called it was because they didn’t want this WS to end on a weather-related win by the Phillies. As fun as it would be to have the WS over and the Phillies be the champions, it’s definitely not the most exciting way to end the series. I read an article this morning that quoted Selig saying that if they’d had to call the game when the Phillies were ahead, he wouldn’t have let them win the WS because of that call. I swear they were so grateful to have the Rays tie it up so they could call the game and not force a weather-related win in this series! At least it’ll make for another exciting night of baseball tonight, although truthfully? I cannot wait until this week is OVER…haha. 🙂

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