Baseball season’s over, but there are still BILFs out there gettin’ busy…

* There are second base-playing BILFs swearing all over the airwaves!  (Chase Utley, you rebel.  I love you!)

* The BILFiest of all BILF pitchers made an appearance on Letterman on Thursday night…  (Click the link.  There’s video, and it’s nice to look at.)

* There were BILFs present at some “phestivities” in Philadelphia…  Over a million people went out to see the parade!

* Weirdest BILF-related factoid I’ve learned this weekend: Holy crap, Pat Burrell’s dog weights 25 more pounds than I weigh!    I didn’t know English bulldogs could weigh more than 27-year-old girls.  Apparently they can.  (Pat, what do you feed that thing?)

* There’s apparently another kind of BILF out there, which disturbs me a little…  (Greg Dobbs or bacon?  Cole Hamels or scrambled eggs?  I’d pick the ballplayer over the breakfast food every time…)

* If you wanna buy one of my BILF T-shirts (where the B stands for ballplayer, of course), click here.

* In non-Phillies-related baseball news, there are lots of players filing for free agency.  From a quick skim of the the news items on MLB.com, I’ve determined that none of them are particularly BILFalicious.  Disagree with that assessment?  Comment below and tell me which free agents are cute!


  1. reedsmom

    I vote for breakfast with the ballplayer!

    Not sure I could wear your T-shirt at high school baseball games – the other moms might be a little disturbed (not to mention the players)!

    • The BILF Reporter

      I could go for having breakfast with a ballplayer–good idea! 🙂

      Haha, if you wore my BILF shirt at the high school baseball games, people might start to wonder. 😉 It would be kinda funny to see the reactions, though!

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