An actual conversation between me and a friend:

JOHN: Did you hear that Lincecum got the Cy Young Award?
ME: Yeah.  *sigh*  And he’s not even cute!
JOHN: I don’t think cuteness is one of the qualifications for this award.
ME: Clearly.  Considering that Johan Santana and CC Sabathia were also in the running…
JOHN: It’s not like they’re prize cows or something.
ME: Well, in that case, there IS Sabathia…he’s kind of a big dude…

I know, I know.  I’m just cranky and bitter because in my completely unbiased mind, it should have been the gorgeous and talented Cole Hamels who got this award.

I’ve gotta admit, I’m suffering from a little bit of post-baseball depression.  It’s like, what do I do now?  Where do I go for my fix of cute, famous athletes?  (Don’t even suggest that I go watch football.  Not gonna happen.  Favre’s cute, but even his cuteness can’t make me care about football.)

Instead, I spend my time reading stuff on to see which players are gonna re-sign with the team,  buying entirely too many things at Sephora, and writing.  Speaking of writing, I was featured in last week’s Waxing Off post at  Yes, I’m the one who talked about stumbling upon her ex-boyfriend’s porn.  Yes, that’s me.  My mother is surely so proud.  šŸ˜‰  Check it out by clicking here (look for the second one down, written by Nikki–that one’s mine)!

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