I’m feelin’ kinda sad about baseball today.  Here’s why:

utley_640x480a.jpgMy dearest, darling Chuttles needs hip surgery!

Okay, it’s not as if I didn’t already know this.  I knew he was having hip issues for the majority of the 2008 season.  He was a brave guy and played the whole season even when he was hurtin’.  But now he’s gotta get all fixed up, and he may or may not be ready for Opening Day 2009.  His recovery time could last anywhere from 4 to 6 months–best case scenario, he’s on the field for Opening Day, and worst-case scenario, we don’t see him play ’til June or so.  Of course, the most important thing is that he recovers nicely and comes back at 100% strength to kick some butt in 2009, and I’m sure he’ll do that no matter when he shows up back on the field.

In the meantime, I’m more than happy to nurse him back to health, read him stories, fix him dinners, et cetera.  All in the name of being a good, caring, kind Phillies fan (and not at all because he’s hot), of course.  😉

But I’m not just sad about Chase needing surgery.  I’m also sad that this guy’s retiring

mike_mussina.jpgThat’s Mike Mussina, of course–my favorite Yankee.  The best-looking Yankee, in my opinion (although I have to admit that A-Rod’s kinda cute, too).  The one and only time I’ve ever been to Yankee Stadium, I’m pleased to say I got to see Mussina pitch (and get the win).  It’s great that he’s retiring on a high note, while he’s at the top of his game (just coming off his first 20-win season), but I’m gonna be sad going to Yankees games every once in a while and knowing that he won’t be pitching.  Sigh. 

Congratulations to Mussina on a long and excellent pitching career.   I’m guessing he’s going to head back to his home state of Pennsylvania to be with his family…do you think he’ll start cheering for the Phillies anytime soon?  😉

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