So some jerkface at work–I’m guessing it’s an angry, bitter Mets fan–swiped my Hamels pennant from my cube.  See, I work in NY (right in the heart of Mets territory) and I have my cubicle all Phillies-ed up.  It was probably only a matter of time before something Phillies-related got swiped from my cube.  Sigh.

I wrote a slightly mean little note that I hung in the place on my cube where my lovely pennant USED TO hang, telling the thief that I hoped their baseball team never won another World Series in their lifetime.  There would have been much more profanity in this note if the pennant hadn’t been swiped *from work*–I doubt management would like to see a letter with lots of cuss words hanging on my cube wall.

Silly Mets fans.  Why’ve you gotta be so bitter?  This is YOUR year…

Oh, wait.  That’s what you guys said for the past few years, when it very clearly WASN’T your year.  Tee-hee.

Speaking of Hamels, his birthday was Saturday.  Here’s hoping he had a birthday that’s as fabulous as his pitching is!

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