No, I didn’t get to go to Spring Training this year *sigh*.  But my parents did!  They saw the Phillies take on the Braves, Tigers, and Reds.  My mom was kind enough to take some pictures of my favorite BILFs at Spring Training, so I thought I’d share some of those pictures here…


Cole, I will totally lick that sweat off your face…



I love Bronson Arroyo’s hair in this picture.



Hamels even has a hot back.



My favorite Brave–Jeff Francoeur… 



Special thanks to my mom for taking these BILFalicious pictures!  🙂


  1. reedsmom

    Thank you, BILF reporter’s mom! Great pictures and you are so lucky to have been there to watch. I would lick the sweat off of any part of Cole! Anyway, hope he can pitch opening day for you guys. Hopefully the elbow soreness is just “getting back into the groove” soreness and nothing else. Glad you’re back and looking forward to a great baseball season for all. Go Team USA in the WBC!

    • The BILF Reporter

      My mom is AWESOME! 😀 She told me that at one point, she was by the bullpen taking pictures when the pitchers were warming up, and she was SO close to Cole she could have reached down and touched him! *swoon*

      I read today that Cole will be fine for the start of the season, thank goodness. Brett Myers might pitch for the Phils on Opening Day just to be on the safe side, but Cole should be OK. And I agree…go Team USA!!!!

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