Here’s the roster for my first team of 2009 BILFs.  This was my fist of three drafts, and I don’t think I did too badly.  Got a lot of excellent players, only one player that really worries me, and…9 of my players are attractive, haha.  🙂  I got King BILF (Cole Hamels) again this year, plus another Phillies hottie (Jayson Werth)…also Grant Balfour (love that accent!), JJ Hardy, AJ Burnett, Johnny Damon (who’s kinda hot now that he no longer looks like Sasquatch…don’t laugh, he looked SO GROSS when he played for the Red Sox), Joe Nathan, Brian Wilson, and AJ Pierzynski.

Check out the full roster for my first team of BILFs…and wish me luck picking more BILFs during my next two drafts!  🙂



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