Apparently I really am in it to win it this year with my fantasy baseball teams–all three of ’em.  The proof:

In draft #3, my first three picks were:
1. Jose Reyes
2. Justin Morneau
3. Johan Santana

I expected to pick Morneau; I really, really, really wanted him for my team.  I have no issues with that pick.  I believe in Morneau’s abilities and in his hotness.  😉  But the other two?  Those were painful choices to make.  I didn’t expect to pick them, but I’d have been an idiot if I hadn’t picked them.  But it hurt, you know, because they’re The Enemy to a Phillies fan like me.  And picking Santana especially hurt since I was choosing between him and my boy Hamels.  But here’s how I looked at it: In each league, I have one star pitcher.  Hamels is the star pitcher of League #1.  If he’s the star pitcher for 2/3 of my leagues, what happens if he gets hurt?  Can my teams rebound from losing star pitchers?  Will I be able to find anyone to replace him?  And how annoyed will I be if I have to do this for two leagues instead of just one?  Using that logic, I picked Santana.  I certainly believe in his abilities, and even though he is a) a Met, b) not BILFy in appearance, and c) NOT Cole Hamels (sigh), I picked him  anyway.

Then I promptly called my parents and announced that I’d sold my soul.

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