I know, I’ve been slacking here…  But c’mon, I’ve got 3 fantasy baseball teams of BILFs to manage, plus I work, am writing a book, and there are so many baseball games for me to watch.  Baseball’s kind of a distraction that causes me to write less than I should.  Ironic, no?  🙂

Anyway, today is Justin Morneau’s birthday. Or BILFday in his case, ’cause he’s a BILF.  🙂  In related news, I’m super-excited because I’ll be going to the Twins/Yankees game at Yankee Stadium tomorrow.  I haven’t been to the new Yankee Stadium before, and I have NEVER seen a Twins game in person before!  I’m SO stoked.  There may actually be more BILFs on the Twins than on the Phillies… (Mauer, Morneau, Blackburn, Nathan, Harris, and–to some degree–Crede for the Twins; Hamels, Utley, Madson, Dobbs, Werth, and–when he isn’t in the minor leagues–Marson for the Phils.  OK, so the two teams are tied at 6 BILFs apiece…haha!)

In fantasy baseball news, I’m in first place, fourth place, and eighth place in my leagues.  I’m pretty proud of the first two, haha.  In the league where I’ve got eighth place, I attribute it to the fact that 2 of my best BILFs on that team (Mauer, A-Rod) spent all of April and part of May on the DL.  Once they’ve played more games, I bet I won’t be in eighth place for long…

Hopefully I’ll get some decent pictures at tomorrow’s game so I’ll have something interesting to post here.  In the meantime, LET’S GO, TWINS!  (And BILFs…and Phillies…)  🙂


  1. bcfl22

    Hey – Neat blog. Just a thought, a BILF could also be a “Blogger” ILF, right ? 🙂

    Anyway, as a Rays fan I must say I’m not too thrilled to look at a Phillies blog. And I’m certainly not interested in BILFs (not the “ballplayer” variety anywaty). But just thought I’d pay the compliment and note that it is refreshing to see someone doing one of these blogs in with and innovative, light hearted spin. So many 40-60 year old guys doing blogs who are reallying trying to live out some latent fantasy about being on their team’s staff.

    Keep up the good work! May you could throw in some photos of players’ wives ? Then some guys might seem them on here, go try to steal them away, and leave some single BILFs for you chase down!

  2. The BILF Reporter

    Hi! 🙂 I love the “BILF” idea where the B stands for *blogger*! LOL.

    Your Rays did really well last year. I enjoyed watching them in the playoffs. It was also nice to see them beat the Sox. I was pulling for the Rays to be in the World Series…of course, once they got there, then I had to stop rooting for them, haha.

    Thanks for the kind words! I started this blog just for fun and to do some lighthearted, funny writing. I read so many serious/analytical baseball blogs/sites every day…and those are great and very interesting to read, but I didn’t want this site to be one of those.

    I like the idea of putting in some photos of players’ wives…very cool! Plus, it would be a fun teamwork-type of exercise to have some nice male reader steal away a player’s wife and then I could go after the BILF, haha!

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