Another game, another nail-biter for the Phils.  (And another win too, thankfully!)  Do the Phillies realize that if they give all their fans heart attacks from making them sit through games like these, nobody’s going to be alive to purchase any of their spiffy playoff merchandise?


Hamels pitched well…sometimes.  (Although goddamn, he looked hot the whole time.)  Note that I do not think giving up a 2-run homer to Manny qualifies as “pitching well.”  Madson was worse.  And Lidge scared the hell out of me because the first runner he faced got on base.  I was like, “Here we go again; he’s gonna blow it!”  But he didn’t.  And so the Phillies won it, 8-6. 


The Phils’ bats were on phire…most of ’em, anyway.  Utley was an 0-fer, I think (at least, he was 0-3 last I looked at the TV last night; if he had another at-bat, I don’t remember it).  But Rauuuuuul, Chooch, and R-Ho got it done.  The look on Kershaw’s face when Ruiz hit the 3-run homer was priceless.

I mentioned in this post the other day about wearing a lucky item of clothing throughout each playoff game.  I’m changing up that commandment a little bit.  I wanted to do something that was some sort of constant…but I couldn’t decide what that thing should be.  Red stilettos?  Red bracelet?  Favorite necklace with the glittery red lips?  Red nail polish?  None of those seemed quite right.  But I finally came up with a constant that does feel right.  Right after every playoff game, win or lose, I’m gonna call the biggest Phillies fans I know: my parents.  Whether I call ’em up hooting and hollering and ringing my red cowbell, or I call them up swearing about the game, Philly baseball is love…and I’m gonna share that love with the folks I love most.  Mom and Dad, you’ve been warned!  🙂


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