You stay classy, New York Post.

Y’know, articles like this one are what give New Yorkers a bad reputation.  (I’m a Philly native living in the NY metro area, and stuff like this makes me happy I’m a NY transplant, not a native.)


Really, New York Post?  Was this topic even article-worthy?  That New Yorkers have been looking down on Philly for years?  Well, duh.  We already knew that.  (By the way, it takes a special skill to make everyone you quote in an article sound like a jerk.  Nice work.)


I’m hoping this article riles up the Phillies and their fans.  I’m hoping the Phillies are ticked enough and good enough to beat the hell out of the Yankees.  And if that happens, I already can’t wait to see the Post’s article about that.  😉

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