Pre-game excitement: World Series Game 1

Thumbnail image for 43681278.jpgNot only do the Phillies start Game 1 of the World Series with their best pitcher, they also start it with their hottest pitcher.  *swoon*  Tonight’s matchup (provided the rain doesn’t prevent this game from actually happening): Lee vs Sabathia.  Hmmm, I remember seeing Sabathia during last year’s playoffs…Sabathia was a Brewer pitching against the Phils in the NLDS.  He lasted a little over 2 innings pitching (granted, he was exhausted, but still), gave up a grand slam to the Flyin’ Hawaiian, and allowed pitcher Brett Myers to terrorize him at bat.  (Hey, is Myers on the roster for this series?  Could he DH tonight–y’know, to bring back some fond memoris of last season?)

I think this is gonna be a crazy, epic series this year.  These are the two best teams in baseball.  This series could go either way.  Want predictions from the experts?  Asked and answered…  And it’s not just experts who are weighing in, of course.  Jimmy Rollins also has an opinion–he seems pretty confident in the Phillies!  Also, if I believed in omens, I would totally love this one

Here’s the obligatory article containing various references to and comparisons between Philly and New York culture. This one, unlike ones I’ve seen in certain newspapers lately, is actually objective.

I’ve already painted my fingernails red (with glitter), am wearing red underwear, and will be wearing my new red feather boa tonight while I watch the game.  Phillies pride, baby!  I hope Game 1 is an unbeleevable game…

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