Dear Cole:

Thumbnail image for cole.jpgLast night was Halloween.  I get it–you wanted to show up at the game
in costume.  I’m just wondering why, exactly, you chose to dress up as
Adam Eaton.  If you wanted to dress up as someone else who had been in
the Phillies organization, you could have picked, say, Steve Carlton. 
That would have been a very good choice.  Or, if you were going for the
good + attractive factor, you
could have picked Cliff Lee.  He was right there in the dugout the
whole time; I’m sure he would have happily let you borrow his jersey. 
Then you’d have been dressed in costume as a pitcher who doesn’t suck,
and Lee would have been shirtless.  It’s a win-win scenario.  (Not that
you know much about wins lately…)

You used to be my favorite BILFalicious Phillie, but dude, I’m really
starting to get pissed at you.  If your ****** game last night ends up
being the turning point that helps the Yankees ultimately win the World
Series, then I suggest you start preparing another costume–preferably
one that involves wearing a bag over your beautiful face.

Love and kisses,
Cliff Lee’s biggest fan (because he doesn’t suck!),
That BILF Girl


  1. reedsmom

    Wow, BILF Girl, that’s pretty harsh, but I understand. Actually, I think your biggest beef with formerly King Cole is the comment that he made that he wished this season would be over (or something to that effect) to the media! The media! They discussed it a little in the pregame show last night and Ozzie Guillen (sp?) basically said he would tell him, “Okay, see you at spring training (maybe)!” Now we know Cole hasn’t had the MVP season that he had last year, but you have to be a team player and even if you think something like that – keep it to yourself in your own head. Don’t be a downer for the rest of the clubhouse just because you are struggling.

  2. The BILF Reporter

    Yeah, Cole does NOT have the right mentality for a Game 7, if there is one, if he’s making comments like that. He needs to be a team player right now.

    I swear if I see him OR Lidge show up in Game 6 (or 7), I will raise some serious hell, haha.

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