Congrats to the AL Gold Glove winners!

alg_gardner-out.jpgThe American League Gold Glove winners were announced today.  Buehrle, Teixeira (for whom I have a rather intense and inexplicable hatred), Polanco, Longoria, Jeter, Jones, Ichiro, Hunter, and one of my favorite BILFs, the Twins’ Joe Mauer. Congrats to all, and a special congrats to the really hot ones (Mauer and Longoria, I’m lookin’ at you…but not you, Jeter, because you’ve got an oddly-shaped head and I still have no idea why you’re considered attractive).


The picture above is from one of my very favorite Mauer plays this season…where he blocked the Yankees’ Brett Gardner at the plate after faking a throw to first.  Smart guy, that Mauer.  Gotta love his defensive skills (and his hot sideburns…and his butt…OK, I’ll shut up now).

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