A very hairy situation…

Yes, I know they’re not there to look good–they’re there to play ball.  But when you get used to ’em looking good, and the first pictures coming outta Spring Training make ’em look slightly scary…well, we’ve just gotta hope that they’re focusing so hard on their training that they simply don’t have time to look in the mirror and/or acquaint themselves with razors.


Joe Mauer, who was apparently mistaken for Nick Blackburn (also a BILF) due to his beard, doesn’t look too scary.  He looks much better clean-shaven, but he at least looks well-groomed.  Plus, I’m hearing that the beard gets shaven off today, which is fabulous news (I want to see the post-razor pictures, please!).




But Jayson Werth?  Totally scary.  Is he trying to channel his inner Sasquatch?  He looks much less like a svelte right fielder and much more like a hick or a caveman.  Let’s hope that, like Mauer, Werth has the good sense to shave that thing off his face…




The Mauer picture was originally found here.

The Werth picture was originally found here.  Hat tip to my mom for alerting me to the fact that Werth looks like some sort of scary mountain man…


  1. reedsmom

    Good to see a posting from you because that means we’re getting close to baseball season which I have missed! Anyway, I love Joe Mauer but I do not love beards – hopefully it is gone by now. You can tell by his forearms he’s probably pretty hairy, so I prefer him clean shaven. But Werth! Yikes! That is just nasty! His hair usually looks much better than that. Hopefully he’ll invest in some heavy-duty conditioner before the season starts. The beard needs to go and never, never, never, ever come back. He looks like a good ol’ boy with the gun rack in the pickup after a looooong huntin’ trip … not a major league baseball player.

  2. The BILF Reporter

    Yes, I’m thrilled that baseball season is sooooo close! My parents are going to spring training this year–I’m so jealous! I’ll have to wait a bit longer to see my boys in action, but it’ll be well worth the wait. 🙂 And I agree with all your comments on Werth. What the hell is he thinking? That thing had better be scraped off his face by the start of the regular season, or–no joke–I’m coming after him with a razor!

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