About The BILF Reporter

<![CDATA[Nikki, the BILF Reporter, is a baseball enthusiast and cute boy connoisseur. First and foremost, she's a Phillies fan (and, to some degree, a Twins and Yankees fan…’cause they’re hot)–as well as a fan of any cute baseball player out there! She’s usually half serious, half tongue-in-cheek when writing for The BILF Report, so take it with a grain of salt–she’s not really as boy-crazy as she seems to be (or is she?).

The BILF reporter is also a grammar know-it-all and runs her very own smartypants humor site over at http://redpeninc.blogspot.com.%5D%5D&gt;


Phillies baseball, cute baseball players,
writing, shopping, good grammar, reading, concerts, guys
wearing pinstripes, and pop art.