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I’m still on a BILF high from attending the Phillies’ ALS Night a few weeks ago.  🙂  Here are a few of the highlights…

Me meeting our very own Flyin’ Hawaiian…



Me meeting Brad Lidge–who, by the way, is absolutely GORGEOUS in person.  And he’s really sweet, too–very nice, very genuine.  Classy, classy guy.  I heart Lidge!



I didn’t have a chance to meet him this year, but of course I couldn’t help finding King Cole’s table and taking a few pictures of him.  Could this man be any more BILFalicious?!?



I still think Jayson Werth is hot even though he has a tendency to wear his sunglasses entirely too much.  (He wore them for all of last year’s ALS Night, too.)


These aren’t BILFs, but they’re totally awesome anyway…  Our World Series trophies from 1980 and 2008!


As I’m writing this, it’s Sunday afternoon, yet I’m already REALLY looking forward to Monday’s and Tuesday’s All-Star festivities.  I’m hoping Mauer wins the Derby, and I’m looking forward to seeing Utley, Mauer, Morneau, and a whole bunch of other awesome talented BILFs in the All-Star Game!  *squeal*


So every year the Phillies run
this super-awesome event to raise money to fight ALS/Lou Gehrig’s
Disease. The Phillies have been running various ALS benefits since 1989
or so, and they crossed the $10 million mark with the money they raised
from the 2008 ALS Night that they held this past Monday, July 28. Every
year I’m proud to take part in such an amazing event–and I always have
so much fun!

First, I’m delighted to announced that Cole Hamels heard my prayers and descruffified himself.
He looked nothing short of flawless when I met him on Monday. Not only
that, but he’s amazingly nice. We talked fantasy baseball–I thanked
him for doing so well for the Phillies and for my team, and told him
how early I chose him in my draft. He said he was surprised because he
didn’t think he was that good to be picked so high in the draft. He
seemed genuinely tickled that someone thought he was that good, though!
After we took our photo together, he told me he’d try his best this
season to keep doing good work so my stats would still be good! I
almost died. It was an awesome conversation. (After I got far enough
away that he couldn’t hear me, I giggled maniacally to my mother and
couldn’t stop squealing. Usually I keep my cool a lot more, but screw
it. It’s Cole Hamels. He is certainly squeal-inducing.)

OMG, Cole Hamels has his arm around me!

then went to meet Shane “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” Victorino and pitcher
Jamie Moyer. Both were very nice and both seemed amused by the fact
that they were on my fantasy baseball team and that, like a true nerd,
I’d brought a copy of my roster for them to sign. Good thing they
didn’t notice my team name and ask me what a BILF is…haha!

Dobbs, pinch-hitter extraordinaire, and Geoff Jenkins were at a table
together, and I happily got in line to meet them both. Dobbs is one of
those guys who’s pretty damn good but totally underrated, both in terms
of athletic ability and looks. I told him I hoped to see more of him
this season (he can play third base and outfield–but he
rarely does since he normally just pinch-hits). I didn’t mention that
when I said I “wanted to see more of him this season,” that I meant “so
take off your damn clothes so I can see more of you.” (I’ll just let him think I meant that I wanted to see him playing baseball more this season. Heh.) Jenkins was cool, too, but I barely noticed his hotness because I was so horrified by his
awful fashion sense. Sigh.

Dobbs is on the left; Jenkins is on the right.

Chase Utley got mobbed by fans when he tried to leave his autograph
station. There he is, on his way out…surrounded by adoring ladies
with cameras, of course.

wanted to meet Jayson Werth because he’s really stepped it up this year
and started to play well. Plus, he has incredibly hot hair. He looked
damn good in person, but he also kind of looked like a tool because he
wore these dark shades the entire time he was sitting at his
table–even at, like, 7:30. Tool or not, though, he was attractive and
nice, and he was wearing a really interesting shiny-ish purple shirt.

didn’t get to meet Pat “the Bat” Burrell this year, but of course I
stopped by his booth to snap a quick picture. Actually, my mother
snapped this one. I don’t know what he’s so surprised about, but it’s
an amusing picture, don’t you think?

“What? I’m a BILF? Hey, that’s hot!”

the way out of the stadium, my parents and I stopped by the booth where
the Phillies’ wives were selling grab bags. My mother bought hers from
Mrs. [Larry] Andersen…she opened it up and found a Chase Utley
autographed ball inside! Since Mrs. Andersen was obviously a lucky
bag-grabber, I approached her to buy one from her, too, and I asked her
to pretty please make it a lucky one. And she did…I opened it up to
find a ball autographed by Pat Burrell! Boy, did I ever shriek then–I even professed my love for Mrs. Andersen a couple of times, haha.

I’m already looking forward to the Phillies’ 2009 ALS Night!