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I am SO excited for the Phillies to start their NLCS series games! The
Phillies’ starting pitcher tonight for game 1 of this series is the
BILFiest BILF of them all–Cole Hamels, pitching superstar! Yummy!

optimistic about this series with the Dodgers. Yes, they have
Manny–and yes, he’s damn good. (And they have Andre Ethier, too, who
is not only talented,
but hot…AND a foodie, apparently!
But until this series is over and the Phillies have kicked the Dodgers’
butts, I–as a loyal Phillies fan–am not allowing myself to admit that
there are any BILFalicious guys wearing Dodger blue. So from
now until, like, the end of next weekend, Ethier is a total troll to
me, even though he’s really not. Make sense?) The Phillies
have home-field advantage in this series,
and that is most definitely a good thing. The Phillies pitched well
during the last series they played, with the Brewers. Burrell,
Victorino, and Werth have all had hot bats (among, um, hot other things)
during the postseason. If the Phillies can get Utley and Howard’s
hitting up to par–and do something about the bottom of the order,
since Feliz and Ruiz weren’t terribly productive in the NLDS–they will
truly be a force to be reckoned with.

In a very crafty display of Phillies pride, I decorated a pumpkin with red glitter and pinstripes…behold!

The front:

And the back…

Let’s go, BILFtastic Phillies!!!