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Excited for my first game of the 2010 season…

Ed. note: Well, the friend who told me Wilson would be pitching tomorrow just told me Wilson’s actually pitching TONIGHT.  Dammit, dammit, dammit!!! 
Tomorrow I’ll be going to my first baseball game of the season–Yankees vs. Rangers.  I may be one very unpopular girl at Yankee Stadium because I’ll be cheering for the Rangers.  I’ll be cheering for them for the following reasons:
1. Fantasy baseball.  I have Josh Hamilton on one of my fantasy teams, and I want to see him do well!  Let’s go, BILFs!
2. The Rangers are not the Yankees.  While I don’t mind the Yankees, I’m not usually going to jump at the chance to root for them.  They beat my Phillies in the World Series last year.  They beat my Twins last year in the ALDS.  And then last night they beat the Angels when I had Kazmir pitching for me on a fantasy team, and I get annoyed when something happens where my pitcher doesn’t get me a win.  I know the Yankees are a good team, so I respect them, but again–that’s not gonna make me be excited to root for them.  (Besides, everybody else is rooting for them.  My opinion?  Viva la underdog!)
3. The Rangers are cuter.  I can’t believe I’m even saying this, because liberal me doesn’t generally like anything that comes outta Texas, but they’ve got Hamilton, Kinsler, Harden, and Wilson.  That’s a whole lotta gorgeous right there.  And I like to cheer for gorgeous.
Tomorrow’s pitching matchup is Burnett vs. Wilson.  If I had to pick a favorite Yankee, Burnett would be it.  He seems kinda edgy and seems to bring a fun attitude to the clubhouse.  (Plus I like his tattoos.)  And Wilson…well, he’s probably my favorite Ranger.  He’s a Lostie just like I am (in fact, I even tweeted with him once about Lost…and yeah, I was appropriately giddy about it–still kinda am, in fact!), and I always love fellow Losties.  Also, I’m totally jealous that he got to hang out with Team Darlton.  He has a really cool (and very typically un-Texas) personality.  And?  He’s gorgeous.  Like seriously, seriously gorgeous.
So tomorrow, if you’re at the game and you hear somebody screaming “LET’S GO, RANGERS!” or “JOSH HAMILTON, DO IT FOR THE BILFS!!!”, come say hi.  Just don’t be surprised when I’ve got a hoarse voice from all that yelling.  😉