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Random notes on the NLCS…

cliffie.JPGSo Friday night, I was incredibly angry, as I’m sure most other Philly fans were.  I called my mother right after the game–I didn’t even bother saying hello, and just started in with ***** our bullpen! ***** Chase Utley!”  (And no, I did not mean in the good/fun way, either.)  But what I was really thinking–and forgot to say–was ***** our entire offense, too.”  (Also not in the good way.)


Yeah, the bullpen was screwy in the eighth inning of Friday’s NLCS game against the Dodgers.  And yeah, Utley should have not made that screwy throw (anyone else wondering if this is a sign that Chuttles is hurt?).  But neither one of those things would have mattered so much if we’d had more than a 1-run lead against LA.  Hello, offense?  Were you guys napping?  (Not you, Ryan Howard.  You’re awesome.)


I was in quite a crappy mood on Friday evening.  But luckily the Phillies’ offense redeemed themselves in Game 3 of the NLCS with an 11-0 blowout, along with the fabulous (phabulous!) Cliff Lee.  10 strikeouts, no walks, 3 hits…and he got a hit himself?  And managed to look really good while doing all of this?  I’m in love.  Or lust.  Or something.  (I noticed he looked cold; I wish MLB would offer a job where you could apply to be the official hand-blower for pretty pitchers during the playoffs.  Cliff Lee had to keep blowing on his hands because it was so damn cold; why waste the pitcher’s energy doing that when there are girls like me willing to help him out with that?  Haha.)


Tonight it’s Game 4 of the NLCS.  My parents are there (soooooo jealous, Mom and Dad!).  Hopefully the offense will show up again, too.  No need for an 11-0 trouncing tonight (although hey, if they’ve got it in ’em, then why the hell not?)–just a win will suffice.  🙂


Also: Saw Chad Billingsley (whom I call Chad BILFingsley) pitch last night…he pitched better than most of the other Dodger pitchers (for a while, anyway), but what is up with that playoff goatee he’s got goin’ on there?  Ugh!


And finally, if you’ve not already done so, the BILFalicious Joe Mauer (swoon!) is up for the Clutch Performer of the Year Award.  Click here to vote for him!


What an incredible couple of days in the world of Phillies baseball.
Today’s an off day for the Phillies–they’ll continue their series with
the Dodgers tomorrow in Los Angeles. Presently the Phillies are up 2-0
in the series, with some pretty incredible stuff happening in the first
two games.

Game 1: Cole Hamels pitched
well, despite giving Manny a nice little wild pitch to hit early on in
the game. Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, and Pat Burrell did quite well
offensively. (Nice to see Utley back on his game!) Despite the fact
that the Dodgers were the first team to put a run on the board, they
managed to fall to the Phillies 3-2. Hey, I’m not complainin’. If you
want more details on what happened during this game,
click here. (Also: my inner word nerd loves the term “Utlage,” coined around the 10:07 mark.)

Game 2: Brett Myers vs. Chad Billingsley. The latter is not cute, not cute at all,
since for the length of this series I’ve issued a moratorium on Dodgers
being cute. He’s a troll. A troll who got removed in the third inning
’cause the Phillies turned it into a slugfest. And at the heart of that
slugfest? Brett freakin’ Meyers. Last week he terrorized CC Sabathia
with his at-plate performance.
time around, he caused even more damage by batting 1.000, having 3 base
hits in his first 3 at-bats, becoming only the eighth pitcher in
baseball history to have a 3-hit game during the postseason.

Well done, Myers! The coolest Hawaiian in baseball, Shane Victorino,
also had a hell of a night at the plate (singling, tripling, driving in
runs…oh my!), plus
he made an amazing play on a Casey Blake-hit ball that would have allowed the Dodgers to rack up some extra runs had Victorino not caught it.
(Also: Condolences to Victorino on the passing of his grandmother, and
to Charlie Manuel on the passing of his mother. And happy, happy
birthday to Pat the Bat!) Props to the Phillies bullpen for working
their magic and to Greg Dobbs for hitting a totally hot .667 average
The Phillies won game 2 of the NLCS 8-5 and have now become the 19th team in history to win the first 2 games of the NLCS,
which is fabulous news because, of the teams that have started this
series with a 2-0 lead, 16 of those 18 teams have ended up
winning the
series. Let’s hope that the Phillies can become #17… They’ve got an
off day today, but the baseball goodness starts back up again tomorrow
at Dodger Stadium at 8:22 PM.

In other playoff team-related chatter, look at what those American League female fans are doing for their teams!
(That being said, if my favorite AL team, the super-smokin’-hot Twins,
were in the postseason, I just might be doing something crazy like
this, too.) In the ALCS, the BoSox lead the series 1-0, with the next
game in the series happening today.