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It’s time to vote in the 2008 “This Year in Baseball” awards!  And I’m here to suggest particularly BILFalicious ballplayers to vote for.  😉

First of all, the link to go vote is here:

Secondly, I have a beef with the awards.  Where the hell is Cole Hamels?  Why isn’t he one of the Starter nominees?  Grrrr.  He deserves to at least be nominated.  After all, he’s the World Series MVP.  It’s kinda obvious by now that he’s good.

And here are my picks (based on BILFiness, of course):

HITTER: Josh Hamilton.  God, he’s gorgeous.  And I dig his tattoos.  Honorable mentions go to to Chipper Jones and Justin Morneau.

STARTER: Cliff Lee.  If Hamels isn’t one o the choices, then I guess Lee will have to do.  Sigh.

ROOKIE: For me, it’s a toss-up between Evan Longoria and Jacoby Ellsbury.

MANAGER: As if there are any hot managers in baseball!

CLOSER: Brad Lidge ’cause I’m a Philly girl at heart, but Joe Nathan’s hotter.  Then again, Nathan doesn’t have a World Series ring…

SETUP: Grant Balfour, of course!  Hot guy + Aussie accent…what’s not to love?

DEFENSE: Joe Mauer.  I freakin’ ADORE Mauer.  I know there are legions of ladies out there who prefer Grady Sizemore in this category, but I’m a Mauer girl through and through!

PERFORMANCE: These guys are all younger than the managers, but they’re just as hot…which is to say, not hot at all.  Talented, yes, but no BILFs here…

PLAY: I’m gonna go with McLouth here solely based on the fact that I kinda like his hair.

MOMENT: Josh Hamilton (again), for his Home Run Derby awesomeness.

ODDITY: Longoria again, just because he appears to be the only decent-looking one out of the bunch.

EXECUTIVE: Hey, who’s this Theo Epstein guy?  I’m not a huge Sox fan, but this guy could grow on me.

POSTSEASON MOMENT: Chase Utley, for a fantastic play in game 5 of the World Series.  Gotta love the Chuttles!

…And who are you voting for in these awards?  🙂


As I’m sitting here typing this, the Bay Rays are holding down an incredible 11-2 lead over the Red Sox at Fenway.  And it’s only the 7th inning.  Tonight hottie Evan Longoria hit his fifth homer, setting a new record for rookies in the postseason. 

Last night at Dodger Stadium, the Phillies blew a small lead, spent most of the game trying to catch back up to the Dodgers,  tied the Dodgers…and then enter Matt Stairs, whose stats aren’t stellar, who hadn’t hit a damn thing this postseason, who’d barely seen playing time for the Phillies in the regular season…and he hit a 2-run dinger that allowed the Phillies to win the game–the first game that the Phillies have won at Dodger Stadium in not only the postseason, but the regular 2008 season as well.

The Phillies are up 3-1 in the NLCS, and, unless the Sox can find some way to procure 10 more runs in their next three innings, the Rays will be up 3-1 in the ALCS.  I think people expected that Manny and the Dodgers would kick the crap out of the Phillies, and that the Red Sox, who are used to being in the playoffs and winning World Series, would stomp all over the Bay Rays, who are taking their first foray into the postseason in franchise history.  But that isn’t happening right now.  And it might not happen at all.  There might not be that epic “Manny vs. His Old Team” series that everyone seemed to think would happen.  It very well could end up being two young clubs who have very little postseason experience, but who have surprised everybody this season. 

Whoever would have expected that the Rays would walk all over the two most historic franchises in baseball–the Red Sox and the Yankees–to take first place in the AL East and then advance in the playoffs?  And who would have thought that the Mets would have managed their second heinous collapse in a row–a collapse from which not even Johan Santana could save them!–to allow the Phillies to win the NL East again?  But these things happened, and so the Rays and the Phillies are here, terrifying and baffling their opponents.  Victorino’s rapidly becoming the Dodger fans’ #1 persona non grata.  Longoria’s setting records.  Brett Myers is hitting more than Ryan Howard is.  The “wonder hamster” (not as cool of a nickname as “Flyin’ Hawaiian”, but whatevs!) is hitting game-winning 2-run homers.  The Sox are being clobbered in their very own stadium in front of a very passionate population of Red Sox Nation inhabitants.  Playoff magic is happening!

For a fantastic article on the Phillies’ playoff magic, check out this excellent article written by ESPN’s Jayson Stark

And speaking of playoff magic?  As I’m about to end tonight’s BILF Report entry, the Rays are now 13-2 over the Sox.  And it’s only the top of the 8th.


Omigod, you guys. The Home Run Derby was amazing.
And not just because Josh Hamilton hit a crazy amount of home runs. It
was amazing because it was the largest gathering of attractive men I’ve
seen in a long, long time. Utley (my favorite All-Star) was present, of course, which was enough to make Yankee Stadium totally en fuego.
And then there was Dan Uggla, who has always seemed somewhat attractive
(except when he’s hitting homers against the Phillies)…and then a
whole bunch of guys that I’d barely heard of and had never seen
before tonight. Evan Longoria? Josh Hamilton? Justin Morneau? Being a
fantasy baseball team manager, I’d heard of these guys to some degree
(however, I know a lot more about National League teams than American
League teams, so I was slightly clueless about these guys). The thing
is, I had no idea these guys are hot. Especially
that Hamilton guy (a baseball player who is kind of a former badass,
whose arms are all tattooed up like he’s a rock star? Quick, I need a
cold shower…).

Despite the fact that my boy Utley only hit five home runs, I’m still proud of him. And I’m even prouder
of Utley for his response when people (probably a bunch of silly Mets
fans) booed him, even though I’m pretty damn sure he didn’t mean to be
heard on national TV when he said it…
Click here to check out Utley talkin’ dirty!