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Baseball’s finally back!


scoot.jpgThe birds are singing, the sun is shining, and–most importantly–BASEBALL IS BACK.  Just knowing that tonight I’m gonna go home and watch Twins/Angels makes me deliriously happy.  (Wish I could watch Phillies/Nats, but unfortunately, I’m working, and they’d probably get ticked if I started watching the game at work.  And they’d know about it because, well, I scream when I watch games.  And squeal.  A lot.)

I was pretty agnostic regarding who I wanted to win last night’s Opening Day game, Red Sox vs. Yankees.  On one fantasy team, I have Sabathia and Scutaro (cutie!), so my ideal fantasy situation was to have Sabathia get the win and some Ks but for Scutaro to get a couple hits off him.  It didn’t quite go as planned–Sabathia was less good than I’d thought he’d be, although thankfully he got a no-decision (I’d have been really ticked if he’d gotten a loss in his first game).  Scutaro ws better than I thought he’d be–he was 2 for 3 with one RBI, a run scored, and a walk.  Not too shabby at all (plus he’s fun to watch because he’s cute, and also because Scutaro at bat meant Ellsbury would be up next, and while Ellsbury wasn’t so great last night, he at least looked good…despite also looking frustrated).

Even though I didn’t really care about the outcome of last night’s game, I sat there on my couch grinning like a Cheshire cat as I watched the game.  It didn’t matter who was playing–baseball’s finally back, and I couldn’t be happier!  I’ll watch any team, any game, anytime…I can always find someone to cheer for, drool over, or scream at!  Just knowing that there’s an entire season’s worth of this sort of awesomeness coming my way makes me feel like the happiest girl in the world!


Apparently I really am in it to win it this year with my fantasy baseball teams–all three of ’em.  The proof:

In draft #3, my first three picks were:
1. Jose Reyes
2. Justin Morneau
3. Johan Santana

I expected to pick Morneau; I really, really, really wanted him for my team.  I have no issues with that pick.  I believe in Morneau’s abilities and in his hotness.  😉  But the other two?  Those were painful choices to make.  I didn’t expect to pick them, but I’d have been an idiot if I hadn’t picked them.  But it hurt, you know, because they’re The Enemy to a Phillies fan like me.  And picking Santana especially hurt since I was choosing between him and my boy Hamels.  But here’s how I looked at it: In each league, I have one star pitcher.  Hamels is the star pitcher of League #1.  If he’s the star pitcher for 2/3 of my leagues, what happens if he gets hurt?  Can my teams rebound from losing star pitchers?  Will I be able to find anyone to replace him?  And how annoyed will I be if I have to do this for two leagues instead of just one?  Using that logic, I picked Santana.  I certainly believe in his abilities, and even though he is a) a Met, b) not BILFy in appearance, and c) NOT Cole Hamels (sigh), I picked him  anyway.

Then I promptly called my parents and announced that I’d sold my soul.


Here’s the roster for my first team of 2009 BILFs.  This was my fist of three drafts, and I don’t think I did too badly.  Got a lot of excellent players, only one player that really worries me, and…9 of my players are attractive, haha.  🙂  I got King BILF (Cole Hamels) again this year, plus another Phillies hottie (Jayson Werth)…also Grant Balfour (love that accent!), JJ Hardy, AJ Burnett, Johnny Damon (who’s kinda hot now that he no longer looks like Sasquatch…don’t laugh, he looked SO GROSS when he played for the Red Sox), Joe Nathan, Brian Wilson, and AJ Pierzynski.

Check out the full roster for my first team of BILFs…and wish me luck picking more BILFs during my next two drafts!  🙂




My oh my, has it ever been
a super-hyper week for this little Phillies fan. I’ve got a lot to talk
about–and it’s not even all Phillies-related, I swear!

things first. Cole freakin’ Hamels. The BILFiest BILF pitcher of them
all. He is a pitching GOD. He pitched 8 scoreless innings in the
Phillies’ first playoff game against the Brewers. My parents were at
the game–I’m
sooooo jealous.
(Last time I saw Hamels pitch, it was when he imploded against the Mets
during that day/night doubleheader in early September at Shea Stadium.
I don’t think I’ve ever been to a game where Hamels has won. Luckily,
I’ve seen plenty of his wins on TV, though!) Anyway.
Hamels pitched awesomely in the first game of the Phils/Brewers series.
Then Brad Lidge scared the crap out of everybody in the ninth inning,
but hey, the Phils won 3-1, so that’s all that really matters, right?

Then today, Brett Myers pitched a fantastic game against the Brewers (and even caused some chaos at bat, making Sabathia throw him lots of pitches!).
Here I’d thought we were doomed, because Myers’ last few starts weren’t
so hot, plus the Phillies were facing the mighty Sabathia. But the
Phillies managed to chase Sabathia out of the game by the fourth
inning, at which point the Phillies were leading 5-1. Shane Victorino
hit a lovely little grand slam in the second inning. Beautiful! I’m
deeming Victorino and Myers honorary BILFs today. They’re not the
cutest Phillies, but they
are playoff superstars! The Phillies ended up winning the game, 5-2. Love it! (Want more details on how everything played out? Go here for fun, snarky commentary.)

Phillies have me a little worried, since a) in each playoff game so
far, they’ve scored all their runs in ONE inning, and b) they stranded
at least 10 guys on base tonight. But the next time they play is
Saturday, at Miller Park, and Jamie Moyer’s pitching, so…let’s hope
something good happens for the Phillies there, you know what I’m
sayin’? I won’t say any more about this–I don’t wanna jinx ’em. (We
Philly sports fans are superstitious like that.)

Another note about the Phils/Brewers series: WTF happened to JJ Hardy? The scruff’s gotta go, dude. It’s just gotta go.

On an anti-Mets note: I freakin’ love this.
I laughed my cute little butt off when I read it. Then I read it again
so I could laugh some more. (I’m sad that the Yankees aren’t in the
postseason this year, but I’m ecstatic that the Mets aren’t there.

On a totally superficial note, I’m really pissed that the Twins lost Monday night’s tiebreaker game against the ChiSox. I sooooo wanted
to see Joe Mauer, Joe Nathan, and Justin Morneau play some playoff
games. I wouldn’t have cared that much if they won, though. I just
wanted to look at ’em. (Do they make midwestern boys cuter than east
coast boys? These Twins are
Are they all like that out there? Do I need to move to some state in
the middle of the country? Would the eye candy be worth it?) However: I
did note that the White Sox have a catcher who appears to be somewhat
cute. He has pretty blonde hair–I don’t know if he’s a decent catcher
or not, but I dig his hair. It’s this dude AJ Pierzynski (why is it
that EVERY guy named AJ is smokin’ hot? What IS it about that name?),
whose last name I’ve just learned how to spell, which satisfied my
inner spelling bee queen.

In other news: The Dodgers are kicking the crap out of the Cubs. Does anyone in LA actually give a damn? Or even know anyone who gives a damn?

And finally: In my first year of doing fantasy baseball, my BILFs and I came in second place! Woo-hoo! Here’s the proof:


darling Cole…I thought we had an agreement. After learning about how
soon I picked you in my draft, you promised me that you’d do really
well the rest of this season so as to keep my fantasy baseball stats
up. And then what do you do?
You take a loss in a game against the Cardinals. I’m deeply saddened by this, Cole. I mean, you promised.
Must I go find a new favorite pitcher who keeps his promises to win
games for me and get me Ks?* Former Phillie Kyle Lohse did well in that
very game in which you took the loss, and I wouldn’t kick him outta my
bed for eating crackers, you know what I’m sayin’? C’mon, Cole, get
back on your game. I want some Ks from you. And, you know, a marriage
proposal, despite the fact that you’re already married. But those Ks
are mighty important, especially during fantasy baseball season–we can
talk marriage once the season is over, I’ve won my league, and the
Phils have won the World Series…sound good to you?

* I kid, I kid. Hamels will be my favorite pitcher for, like, ever. Even if he loses a game once in a while.