Tagged: Fashion Faux Pas


took me a long time to find Geoff Jenkins attractive. But I slowly
noticed that he has a seriously killer smile, that kind of
I’m-gonna-freakin’-melt-’cause-you’re-so-sexy smile. But when I was in
line to meet him on Monday evening at the Phillies’ charity event to
raise money to fight Lou Gehrig’s Disease, I wasn’t looking at his
gorgeous smile. I was checking out his horrendous fashion!

It’s tough to tell from the picture, but I assure you, Mr. Jenkins was wearing the following articles of clothing:

* A patterned shirt
* Black pinstriped pants
* Tan, patterned socks
* Brown shoes

of these pieces on its own would be considered unacceptable, but when
you stick ’em all together in one place, even on a guy who’s got a
really killer smile, you have a very bad combination. I’m of the
mindset that you don’t mix black and brown (black pants/brown shoes?
Ugh!), nor do you mix patterns. Jenkins was guilty of all of these crimes of fashion.

Hey, Geoff, if you ever decide you need a stylist (which would really be a good idea if this is the kind of outfit you put together on your own), I’d be happy to volunteer my services!