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The good news first.  I can finally go back to thinking this guy is cute again…


…since, as of Friday, Ryan Church is no longer with The Enemy.  Now he’s an Atlanta Brave!

However, I can’t think this guy–


…is hot anymore, since he is now One Of Them.  That’s right…Frenchy’s a freakin’ Met now.  Ew!

When I go to a Mets/Phillies game at Citi Field next month and see Francoeur in right field wearing a Mets uniform, I just might cry.  Seriously.


As a Phillies fan, I find it really hilarious when the Mets or their fans do something silly.  And this week I’ve found evidence of TWO silly Mets-related things!  Behold:

* Some idiot Mets fan decided to write to Deadspin and complain about Phillies pitcher JC Romero.  Those clever guys at Deadspin posted the moron’s letter and let the Phillies fans give him hell.  The comments are the most entertaining part of this piece, so go read ’em!

* The Mets are adding this weird-looking new patch on their uniforms for 2009.  Click here to check it out.  Are the Mets gonna be moonlighting as Domino’s Pizza deliverymen in the near future?  (If one of them ever shows up at my door, no matter HOW delicious that pizza looks, I’m gonna tell him to stuff it.  Unless, of course, it’s Ryan Church *swoon*, in which case I’ll invite him in for a drink.  I’m sure he’ll really dig the Phillies shrine in my living room.)

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