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There’s not a whole lot of Phillies-related stuff to talk about yet ’cause we still have no idea who they’re gonna be playing in the World Series (since Boston caught up from a 3-1 deficit in the ALCS to tie that series–game 7 is tonight!).  So I thought I’d give you a little glimpse into my very Phillie-fied desk.  Now, if my desk was in Philly, this probably wouldn’t be so exciting or entertaining, but keep in mind that I live and work right in the heart of Mets territory.  The folks around me are Yankees and Mets fans.  The Yankees fans don’t seem to mind my Phillies stuff (in fact, if Boston ends up sneaking their way into the Series this year, I bet all the Yankees fans are going to turn into makeshift Phillies fans very quickly).  But I’m seriously surprised that no Mets fans have drawn devil horns on my Cole Hamels newspaper clippings or Sharpied a goofy-looking mustache on my picture of Pat Burrell…

desk-001.jpgThis is where I sit to do my work-related (as opposed to my blog-related) magic.  The day after the Phillies won the NL East, I switched desktop wallpapers from a picture of Cole Hamels to this one.  🙂  The Chase Utley mousepad is one of my favorite things ever.  I often have to take my laptop and go make a presentation somewhere.  Since I hate using the laptop mouse, I always bring along a regular mouse to attach to my computer…and of course the Chuttles mousepad comes along with it!  It’s quite the conversation piece, I’ll say that much!


These are 2 of my Phillies pennants.  I hear that there are more pennants coming my way in the mail, so next week I’m gonna have to think of a way to reorganize these so they can all fit!  🙂  And what cube of a Phillies fan would be complete without a Phillies rally towel?

desk-003.jpgMy desk is filled with pictures.  Not of me and my friends or me and my family–oh, no, it’s filled with pictures of me and baseball players or rock stars.  Here you can see the a picture of me and my favorite Phillie, Cole Hamels (from the first time I’ve met him–I’ve met him 3 times so far!), and one of me and Chase Utley.  When I’m having a crappy day at work, these pictures totally cheer me up!

desk-004.jpgTwo of my favorite Phillies-related things are in this picture!  First, there’s Pat the Bunny–named in honor of Burrell (but is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Pat the Bunny you may have read as a young’un!).  I often give Pat the Bunny kisses just because.  🙂  At my last radio job, it was a little game for my co-workers to steal Pat the Bunny.  I’d come back from a meeting only to find an empty space, a ransom note, or some strange toy on my desk in the spot that Pat the Bunny used to occupy.  Then I’d have to go wander the building to find Pat.  It was usually the same Yankees fan behind the bunny-napping, so I never had to look too far.

And there’s my favorite picture of Cole Hamels.  My co-workers, who didn’t used to be familiar with what the Phillies players looked like, would always ask me if that was my boyfriend, and I’d sigh despondently and say “No, that’s not my boyfriend.  That’s my BILF!”  (At this point, though, pretty much all my female co-workers know who Cole Hamels is.  They have good taste–most of them think he’s quite attractive, too!)

desk-005.jpgI love my Phillies bear!  I’ve named him Jayson ’cause his hair is cool as hell–just like Jayson Werth’s hair is!  And here are more pictures.  Over on the left there’s one of me and Ryan Howard (who is super-nice in person), and then in the silver frame, there’s a picture of me and Pat the Bat!  (The other pictures are of me and Beck, me and Green Day, and me with the former lead singer of Allister.  Can you tell I used to work in radio?)  On the far left, you can see the corner of a big newspaper clipping from the Philadelphia Inquirer, featuring a truly gorgeous picture of, and article about, Cole Hamels.  The headline for that article is “Great Expectations”–yeah, I think he definitely fulfilled and exceeded our expectations this year!  (And what’ll you do in the World Series, Cole?  Gonna go kick some butt and take some names there, too?  I can’t wait to see that!)

desk-006.jpgAnd last but not least, here are my favorite two pennants, honoring my favorite two baseball players!  Amazingly, no Mets fans have “accidentally” un-thumbtacked them and sent them sailing into the trash and recycle bins below them…

So there you have it.  My own little slice of Phillies paradise in the center of Mets territory.  I’ve got more Phillies paraphernalia coming, courtesy of my super-awesome mom, and I can’t wait to do more cube-decorating with National League Champions-related stuff!!!