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Dear Cole:

Thumbnail image for cole.jpgLast night was Halloween.  I get it–you wanted to show up at the game
in costume.  I’m just wondering why, exactly, you chose to dress up as
Adam Eaton.  If you wanted to dress up as someone else who had been in
the Phillies organization, you could have picked, say, Steve Carlton. 
That would have been a very good choice.  Or, if you were going for the
good + attractive factor, you
could have picked Cliff Lee.  He was right there in the dugout the
whole time; I’m sure he would have happily let you borrow his jersey. 
Then you’d have been dressed in costume as a pitcher who doesn’t suck,
and Lee would have been shirtless.  It’s a win-win scenario.  (Not that
you know much about wins lately…)

You used to be my favorite BILFalicious Phillie, but dude, I’m really
starting to get pissed at you.  If your ****** game last night ends up
being the turning point that helps the Yankees ultimately win the World
Series, then I suggest you start preparing another costume–preferably
one that involves wearing a bag over your beautiful face.

Love and kisses,
Cliff Lee’s biggest fan (because he doesn’t suck!),
That BILF Girl

Undeniab-LEE hot!

people.jpgUtley’s two homers
off Sabathia last night were pretty hot, but Cliff Lee stole the show.  A complete game (with 10 Ks and no walks), no earned runs for Lee, and a couple seriously amazing defensive plays…yeah, October magic is in the air, and Lee is at the center of it.

Now, I know it’s just one game, so I’m not gonna get too excited yet.  But the last 6 teams who have won the Fall Classic have also won that uber-important first game in the series.  It was also important to beat the Yankees in game 1 in their ballpark, against their ace pitcher.  It showed the Yankees and their fans/the media that have been looking down on the Phillies that this team is serious about winning.  Again.

Pre-game excitement: World Series Game 1

Thumbnail image for 43681278.jpgNot only do the Phillies start Game 1 of the World Series with their best pitcher, they also start it with their hottest pitcher.  *swoon*  Tonight’s matchup (provided the rain doesn’t prevent this game from actually happening): Lee vs Sabathia.  Hmmm, I remember seeing Sabathia during last year’s playoffs…Sabathia was a Brewer pitching against the Phils in the NLDS.  He lasted a little over 2 innings pitching (granted, he was exhausted, but still), gave up a grand slam to the Flyin’ Hawaiian, and allowed pitcher Brett Myers to terrorize him at bat.  (Hey, is Myers on the roster for this series?  Could he DH tonight–y’know, to bring back some fond memoris of last season?)

I think this is gonna be a crazy, epic series this year.  These are the two best teams in baseball.  This series could go either way.  Want predictions from the experts?  Asked and answered…  And it’s not just experts who are weighing in, of course.  Jimmy Rollins also has an opinion–he seems pretty confident in the Phillies!  Also, if I believed in omens, I would totally love this one

Here’s the obligatory article containing various references to and comparisons between Philly and New York culture. This one, unlike ones I’ve seen in certain newspapers lately, is actually objective.

I’ve already painted my fingernails red (with glitter), am wearing red underwear, and will be wearing my new red feather boa tonight while I watch the game.  Phillies pride, baby!  I hope Game 1 is an unbeleevable game…


This is a seriously awesome photo gallery.  I think if I’d been at Penn Station when the Phillies showed up, I would have died of happiness. 

Cole Hamels (picture 5) looks like a freakin’ GQ model.  I swear I got weak in the knees when I saw that picture, and I was sitting down.  The picture of the Madsons (picture 9) is so cute.  Cliff Lee (picture 10) is total studliness when he’s dressed up.  But I’ve gotta say, as much as I love Jayson Werth’s home runs lately, he looks like a total tool in picture 2.

Also, it’s nice to see that Newsday isn’t trash-talking the Phillies like the Post is.  Now that’s good journalism there.

You stay classy, New York Post.

Y’know, articles like this one are what give New Yorkers a bad reputation.  (I’m a Philly native living in the NY metro area, and stuff like this makes me happy I’m a NY transplant, not a native.)


Really, New York Post?  Was this topic even article-worthy?  That New Yorkers have been looking down on Philly for years?  Well, duh.  We already knew that.  (By the way, it takes a special skill to make everyone you quote in an article sound like a jerk.  Nice work.)


I’m hoping this article riles up the Phillies and their fans.  I’m hoping the Phillies are ticked enough and good enough to beat the hell out of the Yankees.  And if that happens, I already can’t wait to see the Post’s article about that.  😉

I’m not sure which article I like better–

This one, in which a bunch of Mets fans admit that they’ll be rooting for the Phillies in the World Series (oh, you Mets fans–you’re actually starting to melt my icy little heart and make me not loathe you so much…temporarily, at least)…


Or this one, in which there are ten reasons why the Yankees should fear the Phillies.  (Let me add my own reason #11: Because the Phillies are hotter and have more BILFs on their team.  OK, not sure how this makes them more fearsome, but just go with it, OK?)


Game #1 of the World Series is Wednesday evening.  Let’s hope that Cliff Lee (#3 on that fearsome list) pitches in an appropriately ferocious and BILFalicious manner…


nlcs.jpgOK, so after being up 3-1 in the NLCS, I was fairly confident about the Phillies’ chances of making it back to the Series.  Still, though, I’m in a bit of a state of shock about how my boys are headed to the Fall Classic for the second consecutive year.  Look, I’ve been a Phillies fan for 28 years now; this stuff’s unheard of.  I remember how often this team disappointed me when I was younger.  They’re more than making up for it in recent years, and I’m still adjusting to it.


These Phillies have stepped up their game in the postseason.  They’ve wanted to win.  The offense has shown up (holy 10-4 win tonight!).  The bullpen’s gotten less shaky.  Several of our starters have absolutely dominated.  They’re playing as a team.  Manuel’s taking risks with the pitching staff, and it’s paying off.  They had a scary little slump toward the end of the season, but right now this team’s en fuego, and I couldn’t be more thrilled–or be more proud of them.


I’m glad to see some of the most important folks from the 2008 World Champions going back to the Series this year–Howard, Werth, Victorino, Lidge, Hamels, etc.  But I’m really happy for some of the Phillies who weren’t on that team.  Like Raul Ibanez, who has been with this team for the entire 2009 season, playing his *** off, not having a World Series ring like the rest of the guys on the team have.  Now he has his chance to earn one.  Like Cliff Lee, who wouldn’t have been anywhere near the postseason while he played with the Indians, but he’s become the Phillies’ ace pitcher.  Like Pedro Martinez, who was the Mets’ trash and our treasure–he wanted a major league club to play with this year, and now he just happens to have one that’s on its way to the World Series.  I’m happy for those new Philly team members who have been kickin’ *** and takin’ names ever since Philly acquired them.  They’ve earned this chance.


During last night’s game, the commentators kept mentioning how the Phillies have an American League offense.  I certainly hope so, because the Yankees and the Angels are both very talented teams, and whichever team the Phillies will have to face will certainly be a challenge.  We’ll need every ounce of strength from our so-called American League offense…and every bit of strength from our pitchers, too.


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