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Merry Cliffmas!

Happy Halladays, Merry Cliffmas, and Roy to the World to Phillies phans everywhere and to all the BILF Reporter’s readers!  I hope you find 35 pieces of Cole in your stocking on Christmas morning, even if you’ve been a very good boy or girl.  😉

If you’re looking to get into the holiday spirit Phillies-style, this is a must-read!  Thanks to the fine folks at the Phillyist for writing this funny-as-hell Phillies version of “The Night Before Christmas,” appropriately titled “A Visit from Saint Cliff.”

Two weekends of Twins!

So last weekend I went to see some Phillies/Twins interleague play.  At first I was like, “Oh boy!  I am GUARANTEED to have one of my two favorite teams win each game!”  Which is wonderful until I considered that in order for that to happen, one of my favorite teams would also be a guaranteed loser.  *sigh*  I went to last Saturday and Sunday’s games, and in both cases, the Phillies lost.  But I had a grand time anyway,and here’s the proof, in pictures…

Before Saturday’s game, they had the Phillies take the field with their children to play a dads-vs-kids game.  I have to say that the Hamels family is simply adorable:



And doesn’t Cole look like he really enjoys being a daddy?  🙂



While watching the Phillies families on the field, I got to meet twins backup catcher Drew Butera (who hit his first major league home run later that day, by the way!), who undoubtedly thinks I’m an idiot for not catching my baseball when he threw it back to me.  Oops.  😉



Once the Phillies were off the field, I went to watch the Twins warm up.  Here are Tolbert and Hudson.


And here are Morneau and Hudson.



I thought I was dreaming, but Justin Morneau came over to the fence to sign autographs!



Here I am with Morneau (well, it’s the back of my head, anyway).  He was really nice and very humble.  I thanked hi for having such an awesome year and told him I picked him first for my fantasy team, and he grinned and thanked me.  (By the way, he has the most AMAZING blue eyes.  Wow.)


The Phillies ushers were kind enough to let those of us seeking Twins autographs stay by the fence a long time.  I was still down there when the national anthem was being sung.  And what a view I had for the national anthem…



It was a good thing I stayed down there.  After the national anthem was over, I saw Tolbert headed toward the dugout.  While everyone else was yelling for Span or Cuddyer to come on over, I called out to Tolbert.  I was the only one who yelled for him, and as soon as he heard his name, he looked at me, briefly conferred with a coach, and then trotted over to sign autographs–I thought that was very nice!


The next day, I went down to the fence to see who else I could meet before the game started.  Here’s Morneau, Tolbert, Cuddyer and Hudson warming up.


The bullpen was also out warming up.  This is Ron Mahay–I got his autograph, too.


I don’t have pictures of them, but I also got Matt Guerrier, Jesse Crain, and Scott Baker to sign my baseball.  Baker totally gave me a bit of a weird look since I was wearing a Phillies shirt with a Twins hat and handed him a Phillies pen to sign with.  He’s cute, so I’ll forgive him for that…although I’m not so sure I can forgive him for imploding yesterday against the Mets.  (I was at yesterday’s game too, but wasn’t trying to meet anyone.  I did, however, get burnt to a crisp.  Hey, at least I’m Phillies red now!)

Here are the baseballs I got signed at the Phillies/Twins series.  I had Morneau sign one ball, and the other 6 Twins signed the other one.  Seriously, I’ve been fighting the urge to sleep with the Morneau signed ball under my pillow.  😉



MLB.com, you tease, luring me in with that headline…

Thumbnail image for streak.JPGI’ll admit it: When I see “streaking Phillies” in a headline, their recent string of wins is not exactly the first thing I think of.
Fine, fine, so maybe MLB.com‘s definition is more appropriate when it comes to talking about being successful at baseball (and I’m totally proud of the Phillies for being seriously awesome lately).  But when I think about streaking Phillies, I’m envisioning something that looks even better than that fantastic 7-1 record they’ve got… 

On a Phillies/Twins high…

home.JPGThe home openers for my two favorite teams (Phillies and Twins, just in case you’re new around here) were both yesterday.  Since both these teams have an off day today, I’m having a little baseball withdrawal.  I mean, there are games I can watch tonight (after Lost, of course–once May 23 hits, baseball takes top priority yet again, though!), but…they’re not with Phillies or Twins.  Or anyone attractive, really.  Actually, I might watch a bit of the Rays/Orioles game tonight–that’s definitely the most attractive matchup out there (Longoria, Bartlett, Balfour, Markakis).  Not that it has much to compete with in terms of BILFiness…I mean, Mets/Rox?  Oh, PLEASE–I’m not watching that until Street’s back from the DL.  Reds/Marlins?  No, thank you.

But I digress.  I’m thrilled my two favorite teams both won their home openers (Phillies–7-4 over the Nats; Twins beat the Sawx 5-2).  Not so pleased that Hamels was slightly sucktacular, and also not thrilled that Werth and Rollins are now injured.  Totally happy that the Phillies have a 6-1 record, tied for best record in the National League (tied with the Giants, believe it or not…who’da thunk it?).  Also thrilled with Jon Rauch, the Twins’ closer (since Nathan’s out for at least the entire season)–he’s netted me 5 saves so far for each of my fantasy teams.  (On a related note?  Tattoos are sexy.  Moving on…)

In related but completely unsurprising news, I really need to get my butt to Target Field at some point.  I have no interest in the walleye-on-a-stick, but watching Mauer hit a home run while I snack on some good ol’ midwestern cheese curds sounds like an absolutely grand time to me!  And speaking of Mauer, I watched his Homecoming episode on ESPN last night and absolutely loved it.  Mauer seems so sweet and charming!  I’ve also heard that he answers all his fan mail himself, so I’m going to have to come up with something clever to write to him.  (No, it won’t be “Marry me, Mauer”–that’s so overdone.)  Take a little peek at Mauer’s Homecoming episode by clicking here.  If you aren’t totally charmed by him…well, you’re probably just not human!

Baseball ADD!

Too much baseball stuff to read about–and the season hasn’t even started yet!–and too little time! 

This guy is getting all healed up
and ready to pitch another stellar season (yes, I’m absolutely still a
Lee fan even though he’s not a Phillie anymore…I was a big Lee fan
before he ever became a Phillie, so nothing has changed in that
regard)…but this super-attractive BILF seems like he needs a little TLC as he heals his shoulder.  I may be biased, but I think I’d make a really great nurse…or at least rock a really great nurse’s costume…

I’ve really been enjoying this Twins blog I just stumbled on recently…and in other Twins news, their minor league pitcher, Loek van Mil,
is REALLY hot.  He’s a pitcher (that’s hot), and since he’s from
somewhere foreign–the Netherlands–I assume he’s got an accent (that’s
really hot).  He’s also 7’1″.  I have no idea what I’d ever do with a
7’1″ pitcher if I ran into him (except bite his ankles…I’m only
5’2″), but still.  He’s cute.  I hope he makes it onto the Twins’
roster at some point in the season.

And this article makes me optimistic about the Phillies’ 2010 season
If Dubee’s telling the truth and we’re gonna get a MUCH better Hamels
this year than we had last year, I may very well be the happiest girl
on the planet.  I’d love to see BILFy McBILF return to his 2008 form
(Lidge, too, for that matter!).

I cannot freakin’ WAIT for this season to start!

World Series Game 5: A few thoughts…

utlee.JPGLast night’s game was another nail-biter.  It shouldn’t have been, considering our 6-run lead at one point, but it was.  The Yankees’ offense is annoyingly potent, and even Lee wasn’t totally lights-out against them last night–he pitched well, of course, but he gave up 5 runs.  (I think he pitched much better than that ERA would lead you to believe, though.)


AJ Burnett, the only Yankee I think is really attractive, pitched about as well as he did when I had him on my fantasy team this year–which is to say not well at all.  He didn’t last 3 innings.  They kept panning the camera to him sitting in the dugout after he was done on the mound, looking miserable (where I noticed the hot Pisces tattoo on his hand and also noticed that his eyes are a truly gorgeous shade of blue), and if he wasn’t part of The Enemy I would be sooooooo tempted to console him after having such a tough night, haha.

As was the case in Game 1, this kinda turned into the Ut-Lee show.  Chase Utley homered twice (one was a 3-run dinger), tying a record, and Cliff Lee pitched well, managing to not let the Yankees’ offense get too out of control.  Jimmy Rollins had a good night, and Raul Ibanez had a nice solo shot.  Madson scared the hell out of me for a few moments on the mound, but overall did a good job in relief (so did Park), although I would have been happy with whoever the Phillies trotted out there for relief so long as it wasn’t Brad Line Drive.


So now we look forward to a Game 6 in the Bronx.  I think if the Phillies can win Game 6, they’ll win the Series in Game 7 simply because they’ll have shaken up the Yankees, who clearly expect to win this thing–also, by that point, the Yankees’ starting pitching is gonna be really, really tired (and in the case of Pettitte, who pitches Game 6, the pitching is gonna be tired and old).


But maybe they won’t win Game 6.  Who can tell at this point?  At least if that happens, the Yankees can win at home, christening their new stadium with a World Series win, and the Phillies won’t have embarrassed themselves too much in the Series (winning 2 games is obviously better than winning just 1!). 


But those are worst-case scenarios.  After seeing how the Phils played in Game 5…I beLEEve.  🙂


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Fightin’ Phils show their inner Rocky

Finally, someone else is catching on…

…that there are some truly hot ballplayers in the World Series this year.


People magazine is conducting a little poll about hot ballplayers in the Series.  I’m a little miffed that they didn’t include Cliff Lee as one of the choices in the poll, because he’s smokin’ hot (and talented, too!).  Here’s who they did pick:


a. Derek Jeter.  I have never understood why women dig Jeter.  He has a really oddly-shaped head, and while his eyes are pretty, I think the rest of his face is goofy-looking.


b. A-Rod.  I used to think A-Rod was beautiful…until this weekend, when, in one of the Series games I watched, I saw a large booger fly out of his nose.  Ewww.  And, um, Grape Nuts…need I say more?


c. Cole Hamels.  Beautiful.  He could truly be a model.  Lately, I wish he was a model instead of a pitcher.  (I’m still ticked at him for screwing up on Saturday night, and then for making his pansy “I wish the season were over” comments.) 


d. Chase Utley.  He actually looks really good here in the picture People picked out.  When his hair is slicked back, I don’t find him cute at all, but when his hair looks good, he’s adorable.


Wanna vote in the poll?  Click here!  (For the record, I voted for Hamels.  Duh.)

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If you’re coming over here from Deadspin’s Waxing Off, hello and welcome!  Baseball season’s over, but that doesn’t mean I’m shuttin’ up anytime soon.  There’s plenty to talk about, like…

–Chase Utley won his third consecutive Silver Slugger award.  Congrats, Chuttles!

–Lou Piniella won the NL Manager of the Year Award.  Consequently, this means that Charlie Manuel did not win this award.  Click here to head on over to FanIQ.com to find out exactly what I have to say about that.  (Sidenote: FanIQ.com is the most fun and interactive sports website I’ve ever visited.  I only started visiting it this week, but I’m already addicted!  What are you waiting for?  Go check it out!)

–There are still no real resolutions on whether Moyer and Burrell will be back with the Phillies for 2009, although the Hot Stove Blog seems to think that Moyer returning to the City of Brotherly Love next year is a stronger possibility than Pat the Bat returning.

–On a non-Phillies-related note, I’m really curious as to what happens with Mussina and where he ends up going.  He’s always been one of my favorite pitchers (and he’s kinda cute for an older guy…not that he’s that much older than me–just 12 years!–but I’m used to drooling over pitchers that are closer to Cole Hamels’ age than Mussina’s).

–Apparently CC Sabathia is the It Guy of the baseball world right now.  The Yankees just offered him a 6-year, $140 million deal.  The Yanks aren’t the only team interested in Sabathia, though–at least 4 other teams are interested in nabbing him, too.  Where do you think he’s gonna end up in 2009?


Baseball season’s over, but there are still BILFs out there gettin’ busy…

* There are second base-playing BILFs swearing all over the airwaves!  (Chase Utley, you rebel.  I love you!)

* The BILFiest of all BILF pitchers made an appearance on Letterman on Thursday night…  (Click the link.  There’s video, and it’s nice to look at.)

* There were BILFs present at some “phestivities” in Philadelphia…  Over a million people went out to see the parade!

* Weirdest BILF-related factoid I’ve learned this weekend: Holy crap, Pat Burrell’s dog weights 25 more pounds than I weigh!    I didn’t know English bulldogs could weigh more than 27-year-old girls.  Apparently they can.  (Pat, what do you feed that thing?)

* There’s apparently another kind of BILF out there, which disturbs me a little…  (Greg Dobbs or bacon?  Cole Hamels or scrambled eggs?  I’d pick the ballplayer over the breakfast food every time…)

* If you wanna buy one of my BILF T-shirts (where the B stands for ballplayer, of course), click here.

* In non-Phillies-related baseball news, there are lots of players filing for free agency.  From a quick skim of the the news items on MLB.com, I’ve determined that none of them are particularly BILFalicious.  Disagree with that assessment?  Comment below and tell me which free agents are cute!


Thumbnail image for phils.JPG

OMG!  ThePhillies just won the 2008 World Series!  First World Series Championship since 1980!  First in my lifetime (I was born in ’81)!  *squealsquealsqueal*

OK, since I can barely think straight and I’m all ADD because, uh, THEY FINALLY FREAKIN’ WON (by a score of 4-3, by the way), let’s do bullet points…

* Cole Hamels was the World Series MVP!  He got a Chevy Camaro for his efforts.  Care to give a cute little blogger a ride, Cole?

* Brad Lidge stayed perfect this year–another save!

* Speaking of pitchers, Grant Balfour is really freakin’ hot.  Now that we beat them, the Rays are not The Enemy anymore.  (Now they’re The Losers.  Ha!  But Balfour’s a hot loser.  Purr.)

* Let’s totally buy stuff to celebrate the World Series Championship!  Click here for fun stuff from MLB.com, and click here to buy one of those crazy “Why Can’t Us?” shirts!

* Baby Chase and Baby Cole have arrived!  Nice names, don’tcha think?

* I LOVE our Phillies!  I love Cole Hamels for being the hotness, Chase Utley for his defensive skills, Jayson Werth because his hair is hot, Greg Dobbs for being the best pinch-hitter in the Majors, Ryan Howard for his cheesy Subway commercial that I sat through 9 million times during WS commercial breaks, Jimmy Rollins for knowing we were the team to beat this year, the Matt Stairs/Joe Blanton/Eric Bruntlett trifecta for hitting Most Unexpected Home Runs Ever, Brett Myers for his bat, Pat Burrell for having the best hair (and a key double tonight!) that left field has ever seen, Jamie Moyer for not playing like he’s an old man, the Flyin’ Hawaiian for being freakin’ awesome, Pedro Feliz for his defensive skills, Ryan Madson/JC Romero/Scott Eyre for kickin’ butt and takin’ names, Brad Lidge for literally being perfect, Pedro Feliz for his glove, Ruiz for his defensive skills, and if I forgot a Phillie or two here, well, I love them too.

* Other things I love: the Mets’ bullpen, the Rays’ defensive skills.

* By the way, I was totally wearing my lucky (filthy) socks and lucky (red lacy) undies tonight.  The Red Panty Brigade strikes again (and tonight–celebrates!).

It’s been a hell of a year for these Phillies, and it’s been a hell of a year for me personally when it comes to baseball.  This year I watched the team I’ve loved all my life win their first championship since I was alive, coined the term BILF, ran my first fantasy baseball team (and did way better than I thought I would), I’ve braved Mets/Phils games at Shea all by myself and have lived to tell the tale, I got to meet Cole/Greggie/Geoff/Jayson/Jamie/Shane at ALS Night this year, I’ve learned stuff about the actual game of baseball and learned lots of cool stuff about box scores, I’ve discovered the American League (which I’d ignored before…but who can ignore BILFs like Josh Hamilton, Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, and Grant Balfour?), and started this fun little baseball blog.  By the way, I’m not going anywhere over the off-season.  I’ll be right here with trade rumors, BILFtastic pictures of our favorite hot baseball players, and more!  I have a lot of fun features in the works for this site…so don’t you go anywhere, ’cause I’m sure as hell not goin’ anywhere!  🙂

* And on a final note, I want to mention that my totally awesome parents were at the game tonight, and while I’m insanely jealous of them, I’m SO glad they were there.  They’ve been partial season ticket holders for, like, ever, and they’re suffered plenty of misery at the hands of our boys in red and white.  They so deserved to see this historic win.  One of the best things about this baseball season is that it brought me and my folks a little closer together.  There’s no better person to call than my mother when the Phillies have won and I want to squeal, or Hamels has just looked really hot throwing a pitch and I wanna shriek about it.  We’re over a hundred miles away from one another and I don’t get to see my parents as often as I’d like to (and good lord, this last month has made me so freakin’ homesick), but a shared love for the Phillies helped keep us talking even when we all had very busy lives.  They brought me up a Phillies fan, and it’s one of the best things they could have ever done for me.  I love you, Mom and Dad!

For now, I’m gonna go keep grinnin’ and shriekin’…and I’ll be back soon with more BILFtastic musings.  Yay, Phillies!       

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