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I know it’s gonna sound blasphemous to say that this year, I’m gonna root for the Rays–since I spent the entire World Series wanting them to lose to my Phillies–but it’s true.  Next year, I’ll be rooting for the Rays.  I mean, I’ll still be rooting for the Phillies the most, the hardest, the loudest, and the most obnoxiously, but the Rays are now among my American League team favorites.

Now they have not just ONE hot guy on their team…












…they’ve got TWO hot guys on their team!


It looks like Pat the Bat will be a Ray this season!  Congrats to the BILFalicious Pat the Bat.  I’m sure he’ll do well as the Rays’ slugger!  (At the very least, it keeps him away from the outfield and keeps him less tired.)  I’ll miss staring at Pat’s sweet butt and nice hair in left field at Citizens Bank Park–Ibanez might be a slightly better player than Burrell, but Burrell’s the hotter of the two, by far!