Beautiful! Just beautiful. 🙂 For the second year in a row, my beloved Philadelphia Phillies are the NL East Champions! For the second year in a row, it almost looked like they weren’t going to get that title, but somehow–somehow!–they did it again.

Hopefully this year they won’t get the crap kicked out of them in the first round of playoffs like they did last year (I’m still a
little bitter toward the Rockies for so thoroughly trouncing my
Phillies). Hopefully this year they’re a more seasoned team that knows
what to expect in the playoffs and goes in there and gets the job done.
It looks like they’ll either be playing the NL Wild Card winner or maybe the Dodgers.
I’m hoping they play the Brewers, because I like them better, and I
think (hope) the Phillies would have an easier time beating the Brewers
than they would the Dodgers. It all comes down to today (and potentially tomorrow, too!) to determine which team gets the NL Wild Card.
Right this very minute, the Fish are up 1-0 over the Mets in the 6th,
and the Cubbies are up 1-0 over the Brew Crew in the 5th. If both the
Mets and Brewers lose today, they’ll play a tiebreaker game tomorrow.
I’m waiting rather anxiously to find out what happens with both of
these teams. As a die-hard Phillies fan, I don’t wanna see those icky
Mets go to the playoffs!

Congratulations to the Fightin’ Phils for a second stellar (albeit
nail-biting, harrowing, and downright frightening at times) season of
kickin’ butt, takin’ names, and (Hamels, Utley, Dobbs, Werth,
Burrell…I’m talking to
you here)
lookin’ hot! In honor of the Phillies, I’ve painted my nails red and am
going to wear my red pants to work tomorrow. Yeah, I know–I’m
such a girl.

But I’m a girl who gets to watch her favorite baseball team compete in the playoffs this year! WOO-HOO!!!!! (And guess what? Hamels is scheduled to pitch Game 1 of the NLDS series. HOT!)

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